Winter play while the plane is away

Last season I was still an AFF student when the snow flakes flew and I could not imagine not skydiving all winter, but this time around I decided to have fun and embrace the snow and get back into skiing!

Growing up I use to ski out in the mid-west, frequenting Cascade Mountain and Devil’s Head. But as I grew out of gear and out of shape I wandered away from the sport for a very long time. There was a visit to Killington or Mt. Ascutney every once in awhile, but it’s easily been over 7 years (maybe longer) since I have skied.

Fast forward to this winter, I decided that I wanted to just ski a few times this winter since it would get costly to keep renting gear, well that didn’t last long. After 2 trips with rental gear I was hooked. My knees seemed to be able to handle the mountains so I pushed full steam into ski-mode. I’ve picked up a pair of ’09 Fischer RX8’s for a steal, and Nordica Speedmachine 110 boots, and I’m skiing as often as I can haha.