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399 Amazing Memories

It’s that time of year again in the north east when the leaves start changing colors, the under armour starts coming out, and the sun starts hiding its face earlier and earlier. Oh how sad the tail of a skydiving season can be, but what an incredible adventure!

There’s always a few jumps that stick out the most, that will always be imprinted in the memory banks. Getting to do my first beach jump was high on that list this season. It was a sunset CASA load at Skydive Long Island, landing on the beach and having an open bar. Gotta do more beach jumps for sure!

Photo by Justin Pabis

The most incredible puffy adventure was at Pepperell this season, I came running in from the parking lot, looked up and got on a load as fast as I could. Stepped out the door and smiled and giggled with the wall of fun from 16k all the way to 3k. This single jump convinced me I wanted to start flying a camera sooner than later. I have yet to top the surfing from that jump, pure bliss.

Successfully pulling off my first wingsuit rodeo was a huge surprise hehe. Rodeo passenger master Crystal went along for the ride. This was a really fun jump, and look at her track at the end! She’s going to kill it in a wingsuit!

One of my friends that I’ve known for a long time since early school days coming out to do his first tandem on his bachelors party day with 2 other friends was really cool. I think he liked it just a tiny bit 😀 They were all ready to suit up and get back on the next load, I love it! Congrats on popping the question and looking forward to the wedding and celebrating next weekend!!

Flock University Vertical Challenge

The birds from near and far descended on Jumptown August 20th through 22nd to see if they stacked up to the challenge. Vertically stacked that is. A 16-way vertical diamond was the goal, and it was a great show!

It started off with 2 9-way vertical diamond formations and then joining forces to put together the 16-way vertical diamond. There were lots of photos and video captured up high with them, stay tuned to the website, twitter and facebook for more eye candy and news to be released.

In the mean time you can feast your eyes on the ground photography I took, and Jeff Donohue’s pictures.

Also put together a small dirt diving perspective video, enjoy…

There was some great flying done! Congrats to everyone involved for pushing into a new style of wingsuit formation style and rocking it hard! Looking forward to the video and at some point in the future being up there with ya guys!

Traveling Circus

I have to admit I’m having a lot of fun traveling to different dropzones, meeting new people, jumping new places, spreading the craziness!

Last weekend a few of us dropped in on Skydive Long Island’s casa boogie, did I mention casa? The staff was great, huge landing area, and everyone was very inviting. They had a king air, caravan, casa, helo and beach jumps! I absolutley LOVED the beach jump, definitely have to do more of those!! The view at sunset jumping out of a casa lining up along a stretch of beach with atlantic ocean as far as the eye could see, the smell of the air, the ladies on the watch tower I buzzed on final, the sand castle I decided not to land on, the sand I shook out of every nook and cranny. Yup that’s one for the memory banks.

There was an incredible pig roast Saturday night with plentiful amounts of food and free beer, ice luge, DJ and tunes all night, with some fire dancing mixed in…. even the fire extinguisher couldn’t keep them down hehe

We discovered that Erica’s freefall speed in a sit matches our belly speeds as we hooked up in a round looked over and she’s holding a sit hahahahahahah

There was a 31-way bigway doing jumps out of the casa, heads up in the landing area! The crowd really enjoyed watching them in freefall and scatter like ants at breakoff.

Oh and there’s a pretty good horse nearby too 😉

This weekend wingsuiters invaded Skydive Cross Keys, we had such a great weekend of flying. If you couldn’t make it out I’m sorry, you missed some excellent times

I’m reminded I’m not dreaming

Picture in your mind one of your skydives that stands out amongst all the rest, that took you to a place of pure euphoria, that swept away everything that was on your mind, perhaps a “perfect jump”. Maybe it was a big way event, a record setting jump, a wingsuit rodeo, a kiss pass, that crazy miniskirt jump, or just a memorable solo flight. Now try putting into words the feelings you had…

As I finish my flare and my feet touch down on the ground below I’m reminded I’m not dreaming. I lay backwards into the soft grass, toggles in hand, look up… unable to find the words…

Stacks of puffies from 16k to pull, bliss!

Touchy-feely? Deal with it suckers! Why do I skydive? Is wingsuiting fun? I think you know my answers. I think anyone who has ever been within a half mile of Lurch landing knows his answers also :) Skydives like that are the refreshers of my soul, I wish everyone could experience a fraction of the joy us lucky few who play in the skies get to experience.