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Safety Tip of the Day – PLF!

With the Pepperell Boogie right around the corner, thought I would get safety into everyone’s mind đŸ˜‰ So a safety tip a day to keep the boogie safe!

When’s the last time you practiced your PLF (Parachute Landing Fall)?

From the SIM, section 4…

E. Basic landing training–Parachute Landing Fall

1. Parachutists absorb the shock of a hard landing with a Parachute Landing Fall (PLF).

a. To prepare for a PLF, press your feet and knees together with your knees slightly bent.

b. Flare the canopy completely with both hands together and close to the front of your body to help prevent wrist and hand injuries.

c. Chin to the chest to help prevent neck injuries.

d. Allow your feet to make contact with the ground first.

e. Maintain the PLF position throughout the entire landing roll.

f. As your feet touch the ground:

(1) Lean into the direction of the landing to roll down one side of the body.

(2) Lay over to the side of one calf.

(3) Continue to roll to the thigh on the same side.

(4) Continue rolling on to that hip (side of the butt).

(5) Roll diagonally across your back to the opposite shoulder.

(6) Allow your body to continue rolling and absorb the energy of the fall.

2. The PLF position is also the proper way to prepare for a stand-up landing.

a. The PLF position keeps your weight balanced in the harness and helps avoid the tendency to reach for the ground.

b. If you touch down softly you can step out of the PLF position and remain on your feet.