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Getting Published and New Gallery

I have shot a lot of ground photography of skydiving and skydiving related shenanigans but I had never sought out to get published or sell my work. It started as a fun way to capture the moments to share with others, and what skydiver doesn’t like to get their picture taken??? Setup anywhere on the field with my lens in hand and the peas seem to suddenly move as I caught the eye of incoming canopy pilots. Great fun!

City Living Magazine featured Skydive Pepperell in their Summer 2010 issue and I was more than happy to provide some pictures! You’ll find them in the table of contents and on page 23. Yes, yes, I can hear it already… BEER!! My first published pictures :)

People from time to time have asked if they could buy prints from me and I’ve never been setup to either print high quality prints myself or offer an ordering system online. Well to that end I have made the switch from Flickr to SmugMug. I invite you all to browse through the new gallery at If you find a shot of yourself that you like you can purchase a huge array of print sizes/products right from the gallery.

I’ll keep the existing Flickr gallery online until Sept 4th, 2010 when the account is set to expire.

Blue Skies!