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Canopy Courses, Sign up!

It’s on everybody’s mind, or it should be…. canopy canopy canopy. With all the talk that has been happening around canopy collisions now is the perfect time to seek out a canopy course at your local dropzone and sign up!

Equip yourself with as much knowledge as you can to make your entire skydive and everyone else’s skydive a successful, safe, fun skydive. Dropzones are offering Canopy Courses and I highly recommend attending them. They aren’t just for new jumpers fresh off AFF. You can learn a lot about that wing over your head. You might be able to overcome some of your fears about canopy flight. You may be able to finally dial in your accuracy and land exactly where you want to (invaluable for off field landings).

Here is a list of some canopy courses in the northeast, I encourage everyone to take advantage of these great resources!

Boogie Fever

The weather might not have cooperated completely but the Pepperell Boogie and SNE Tiki Bar Boogie were great times!

This year Pepperell brought in a Sky Van and we boogied in the memory of Steve Harrington. A lot of friends I haven’t seen in a while came together to party in the sky, it was great seeing everyone. For some pictures head over to Skwrl’s gallery and Scotty’s.

It was my first time jumping a Sky Van, yes more beer :) It was a fun plane, I named it the ugly load lol. Much loader than the casa, and manual operation of the ramp/door but still a tailgate!

And right around the corner was Skydive New England’s Tiki Bar Boogie. Hurricane Earl had other plans for us the first few days, so we took him up on the challenge and went surfing instead. Oh my gosh do I suck at surfing hahahahaha. My quote of the day “this is exhausting when you suck!” After getting tossed around by the waves I stripped the wet suit off and we just played around trying to somewhat body surf. I was caught a little off guard as to how powerful those waves and under tow get. It was a fun afternoon, and the sand sculptures done by the ladies were great lol

New & Updated Skydiving Sites

Do you know what the differences are between the T/R/S/X-Bird wingsuits? Thanks to their newly launched TonySuit Wingsuits site you can get all the details with some great pictures. It is a very welcome update from their main site that didn’t have much information about the new line of wingsuits. Be sure to check out the gallery, and the headless escape sleeves… love that picture :) Take a gander at the site, some great information and explanations of all the different features of the wingsuits.

A new venture I recently learned about Skydive TV has posted their first episode online, congrats! It was great to watch as I wasn’t able to attend the Skydive Expo in DeLand, and they have some neat coverage and interviews from the Expo. Thanks for the efforts of spreading news and coverage, I hope the project takes off and continues to build momentum. I think it’s a great idea, anything that helps promote the sport! Could also be a great potential for dropzones and events to help spread the word about what’s going on in their little corner of the world.

And of course I have to mention the newly renovated Skydive Pepperell site that Darin and I just launched! All the feedback we’ve gotten so far is very positive, I’m glad everyone enjoys it! We’ve put a lot of work into it, and I think it was worth it :) There’s some cool features already online, and we’ve got plans on expanding on what’s there and continuing to make it even better. Take a look around if you haven’t had the pleasure of checking it out yet. We’ve got a new calendar online that you can subscribe to keep up to date, a nifty spotting calculator that generates exit and open spots based on forecast data all automatically.

What new or updated sites have you found out there? Give a shout…