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Gear Check: Slider Grommet Damage

If you have an Aerodyne canopy I urge you to be on the look out for this possible slider grommet damage.

This was discovered on my slider by inspection after I noticed a new small hole had developed in my slider after a jump. Looking closely at how the hole lined up nicely with a grommet at first I shook it off as material just getting stuck during deployment. Upon asking my rigger to take a closer look for good measure he looked at the plastic ring under the grommet and found it was not only cracked but easily pulled away from the grommet leaving a nice channel for a line or lines to get caught.

Needless to say I took my canopy out of service until getting the slider replaced.

Grommet Damage 01
Grommet Damage 02
Grommet Damage 03
New Slider

The first picture shows what the cracks look like. With no pressure at all I was able to lift the plastic away from the grommet. The third picture with the line placed in the space shows how much room there is for potential bad juju. This did not happen, but easily could. The final image is the new slider and how that plastic ring should look, no gaps all the way around.

Please inspect your slider grommets for damage regularly, if you notice this damage consider it not airworthy and get it replaced!

Time to Scotchgard

It’s a happy day when you are told your new rig arrives 2 weeks ahead of schedule!!! Niiiiiice :) Thank you Mirage for the awesome turn around time of 6 weeks, it’s killing me knowing that it’s sitting at the DZ and I haven’t seen it yet hehe. Saturday will be a Scotchgard party, any tips from those who have experience Scotchgard’ing a rig?

Also joining the party will be both my main and reserve canopies, let the nylon crack addiction begin again! (no no silly people I won’t be Scotchgard’ing the canopies) And yes JoJo I promise to let you pack my new nylon, well maybe not the first packjob… but when I’m out there banging out hop & pops learning to fly the new wing I’ll come to ya for some expert nylon compression services 😉

You can expect some pictures from the party… very excited :)

… oh the beer I owe on this one hahaha

First Flights on R-Bird

What an absolutely gorgeous weekend it was! Mother nature’s gift after all that rain. Started off Saturday being a tandem dummy for Russ’s tandem re-currency jump. What an odd thing to do a tandem again, this was only my 2nd ever tandem, honestly don’t think I’d do it again. I’m not ashamed to say I got a little motion sick under canopy… the tandem harness plus not being the one driving just didn’t work for me, but I was happy to help out the pep TMs get current.

My new R-Bird got to see the light of day this weekend. I made four flights on it Saturday, and each one was an eye opener. I had been flying the T-Bird before, and I was impressed and surprised as to how much more forward speed and lift power this R-Bird has. I’m very much still in the learning stages of my wingsuit skills so I’m definitely not in a place to give an in depth review of this suit’s performance versus others, but I can share my experiences.

The construction of the suit is solid, they did a great job! Besides my business suits, my wingsuit is now one of the only other garments I own that actually fits my long ass arms lol. The jack the ripper hook knife means business, thinking of moving to the side though, being right in the middle makes it look like I have a permanent hard on when I’m sitting down.