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Safety Tip of the Day – Replace Your Closing Loop

Here’s a tip that comes from the great JoJo :) … Boogie is coming up! Replace your closing loop if needed and make sure it’s the proper length. It’s such an easy cheap replacement, why not?

From the SIM…

3. Main closing loop

a. Damage greater than ten percent warrants replacement.

b. tension

(1) Tension must be sufficient to keep the container closed in freefall.

(2) The closing pin should require eight to 11 pounds to extract (or check owner’s manual).

(3) A loose closing loop could result in a premature deployment.

(4) Freeflying maneuvers increase the importance of closing system security.

(5) Adjust the closing loop tension by moving the overhand knot or replacing the loop with the knot tied in the correct place.

c. Use only closing loop material approved by the harness and container manufacturer.