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Canopy Courses, Sign up!

It’s on everybody’s mind, or it should be…. canopy canopy canopy. With all the talk that has been happening around canopy collisions now is the perfect time to seek out a canopy course at your local dropzone and sign up!

Equip yourself with as much knowledge as you can to make your entire skydive and everyone else’s skydive a successful, safe, fun skydive. Dropzones are offering Canopy Courses and I highly recommend attending them. They aren’t just for new jumpers fresh off AFF. You can learn a lot about that wing over your head. You might be able to overcome some of your fears about canopy flight. You may be able to finally dial in your accuracy and land exactly where you want to (invaluable for off field landings).

Here is a list of some canopy courses in the northeast, I encourage everyone to take advantage of these great resources!

USPA Action Call

Please take the time to read and process this information, it could save a life or two one day.

Source: USPA Action Call


Since late February, there have been five fatalities (and one critical injury) that were canopy-collision related. Every skydiver is asking the same questions: “How is this happening, and why?” It appears that skill level and proficiency are not indicators. One accident involved two jumpers with about 23 jumps each who were the only two jumpers under canopy at the time. Another accident involved a jumper with 17,000 jumps and another with 8,000 jumps, both very proficient and with very little other traffic around them.

It is time that we all accept the responsibility of ending the canopy-collision threat.

We are asking all skydivers to join in this CALL TO ACTION. Individual jumpers must follow the guidelines in the Skydiver’s Information Manual that have proven to keep our skies safer when they are applied correctly. Additionally, we are asking that all S&TAs observe and correct poor habits at their DZs. We are asking that DZOs become more involved in canopy safety by establishing canopy flight rules, and safe landing patterns and landing areas. This type of accident MUST STOP, and we all can be a part of making that happen.

Jay Stokes, USPA President

Perfectly Good Canopy

Hearing about another canopy collision resulting in a fatality saddens me :( Far too many of our friends in the sky are snatched away while under a perfectly good canopy. We all must do a better job of preventing canopy collisions.

Knowledge and training are some of your best defenses. If your dropzone offers canopy courses, take advantage of them! If you have never taken one please do, regardless of how many jumps you have or how badass you think you are. You might learn more about that wing above your head, you might gain that confidence you were lacking under canopy, you might learn that some things you thought you knew were completely wrong. Only good can come out of it for you and everyone in the air with you.

If your dropzone doesn’t offer canopy courses there are courses available from outfits like Flight-1. Talk with your dropzone staff to see if there is interest in organizing a course.

When was the last time you rear riser stalled your canopy?

How much toggle input does it take to stall your canopy?

How would you make it back from a long spot up/down wind?

Could you put your canopy down in a small backyard if you had to?

How do you obtain and maintain horizontal and vertical canopy separation?

Obstacle avoidance… is a quick level flat turn second nature?

There is no shame in admitting you might not know the best answers, but if you have any doubts or are feeling unsure about your canopy skills please seek out information from your coaches, instructors, s&ta’s. They are great resources, make use of them.

I had the opportunity to take Ian Drennan’s Flight-1 course again at Skydive Pepperell recently, and it was well worth it. It was a great refresher from last time, and was fun finding out that my joy of canopy stalls from last year was spreading :)

Pepperell’s Boogie is coming up, so let’s start off the Safety Tips with canopy control, here’s some great reading from Take Back the Sky.

Be safe!

Time to Scotchgard

It’s a happy day when you are told your new rig arrives 2 weeks ahead of schedule!!! Niiiiiice :) Thank you Mirage for the awesome turn around time of 6 weeks, it’s killing me knowing that it’s sitting at the DZ and I haven’t seen it yet hehe. Saturday will be a Scotchgard party, any tips from those who have experience Scotchgard’ing a rig?

Also joining the party will be both my main and reserve canopies, let the nylon crack addiction begin again! (no no silly people I won’t be Scotchgard’ing the canopies) And yes JoJo I promise to let you pack my new nylon, well maybe not the first packjob… but when I’m out there banging out hop & pops learning to fly the new wing I’ll come to ya for some expert nylon compression services 😉

You can expect some pictures from the party… very excited :)

… oh the beer I owe on this one hahaha

Safety Tip of the Day – Get intimate with your wing

How well do you know your canopy? Do you know exactly how it responds to all the different inputs available to you? Can you instinctively do a flat turn when needed?

With more and more canopies in the air around us let’s make sure we can fly safely and save our butts instinctively by getting intimate with our wing up high and early, before we get into a hairy situation down low!

Here’s a couple of excellent articles to check out:

And this pdf I HIGHLY recommend reading over and taking to the sky to practice, it is in your best interest to learn as much about your wing as possible and get comfortable flying.

Fly safe!