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Safety Tip of the Day – Airplane Emergency Review

Do you know what to do in the event of an emergency in the plane? Here is a recap of an emergency and operating tips review session Van gave one windy day when we were all grounded.

  • Try to remain calm, don’t yell and scream. Do a gear check to help keep your mind focused and calm.
  • In the event that the pilot orders skydivers to exit don’t rush the door. Know what altitude you are exiting and whether to deploy your main or reserve
  • Know how and when to use the emergency exit doors, both the rear and mid exits. If you don’t know how to operate them, ask! If you have to exit from mid emergency doors you have to stick one arm out, then head, putting chest right up against side, then one leg and other
  • If <1000 ft and you notice something wrong, even a fire, don’t bother the pilot, they probably already know. Wait until 1000 ft and if the pilot is still unaware of the problem let them know.
  • In the event of an engine on fire, opening any of the doors won’t fill the cabin with smoke
  • When there is “industrial haze” the pilot might get radio from ATC about traffic near us. If the pilot says don’t go, don’t go!
  • If you don’t see a green light, don’t jump!
  • If we need to use L/R/C buttons, press and hold until pilot reacts. Press L/R/L/R over and over for fly around, keep pressing back and forth until pilot responds
  • Single point belts should only go through MLW (main lift web), not leg straps, and tighten the belt at end that is anchored to the plane. Make the length of the seat belt as short as possible
  • If landing with a full plane be prepared for a rough landing. It’s Harder to slow the plane down and pilot will not be use to that much “meat” onboard. The plane will probably not touch down until mid way down runway and end near end of runway
  • If an emergency situation develops, the pilot will get the situation as best in control as possible, then communicate to person sitting behind co-pilot seat, then go back to working the problem
  • Tandem’s may exit as low as 2500/3000 straight to reserve based on TM decision
  • Be careful of what you say < 1000 ft, pilot will key off certain phrases as something is wrong
  • Best quote of the day, “if I’m on fire, get out of the plane!”

Do you have some airplane safety tips to add? Post them!