Jumping Around

Pepperell Skydive Center (Pepperell, MA)

Where it all began, September ’08 I took to the skies. I started my AFF training and jumped into the cold of December still on coach status.

Skydive City (Zephyrhills, FL)

Not to be stopped by snowflakes I took a trip to what was supposed to be warm Florida, and got my A license in February ’09.

Jumptown (Orange, MA)

The next big leap in my skydiving life was in October ’10 when I leapt from plane zipped into a wingsuit at Jumptown.

Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. (Ellington, CT)

We have had some great times during wingsuit weekends at CPI. Also a great way to stay current during the winter months!

Skydive Chicago (Ottawa, IL)

The mecca of dropzones, what a great place! I wish I could have stayed longer while I was out visiting family, I’m sure I’ll be back!

Chicago Skydiving Center (Hinckley, IL)

A fun group of folks and great planes, loved the short ride to altitude in that brand new PAC 750.

Long Island Skydiving Center (East Moriches, NY)

Can you say sunset CASA beach jump? Oh yes that made the trip worth it. Huge landing area, use it 😉

Skydive Crosskeys (Williamstown, NJ)

If I lived closer to Crosskeys I would be there much more often, really great dropzone and people, loved the heckler bridge haha

Skydive New England (Lebanon, ME)

Tiki… ’nuff said