Canopy Courses, Sign up!

It’s on everybody’s mind, or it should be…. canopy canopy canopy. With all the talk that has been happening around canopy collisions now is the perfect time to seek out a canopy course at your local dropzone and sign up!

Equip yourself with as much knowledge as you can to make your entire skydive and everyone else’s skydive a successful, safe, fun skydive. Dropzones are offering Canopy Courses and I highly recommend attending them. They aren’t just for new jumpers fresh off AFF. You can learn a lot about that wing over your head. You might be able to overcome some of your fears about canopy flight. You may be able to finally dial in your accuracy and land exactly where you want to (invaluable for off field landings).

Here is a list of some canopy courses in the northeast, I encourage everyone to take advantage of these great resources!

  • Jumptown, Tommy Dellibac from the Performance Designs factory team will be instructing
    Contact Diane Pondfor more info

  • Skydive Long Island
    Sign up on facebook

    • May 21st
  • CPI, Greg Windmiller a member of the US Army Golden Knights canopy piloting team will be instructing
    Signup form online

    • June 3rd
    • June 4th
    • June 5th
  • Skydive Cross Keys, Shannon Pilcher from the Performance Designs factory team will be instructing
    Contact Skydive Cross Keysfor more info

    • July 2nd – Flight-1 Essentials/Advanced Course
    • July 3rd – Flight-1 Essentials/Advanced Course
    • July 4th – Flight-1 Essentials/Advanced Course
  • Jumptown, Pablo Hernandez from the Performance Designs factory team will be instructing
    Contact Diane Pondfor more info

    • July 16th – Flight-1 Essentials Course
    • July 17th – Flight-1 Essentials Course
  • Pepperell, Jessica Edgeington from the Performance Designs factory team will be instructing
    Contact Johanna Corleyfor more info

    • August 7th – Flight-1 Essentials Course
    • August 8th – Flight-1 Essentials/Advanced Course

Know of any other canopy courses? Let me know and I’ll add them to the list :)

PD has posted a facebook note listing all their courses.

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