399 Amazing Memories

It’s that time of year again in the north east when the leaves start changing colors, the under armour starts coming out, and the sun starts hiding its face earlier and earlier. Oh how sad the tail of a skydiving season can be, but what an incredible adventure!

There’s always a few jumps that stick out the most, that will always be imprinted in the memory banks. Getting to do my first beach jump was high on that list this season. It was a sunset CASA load at Skydive Long Island, landing on the beach and having an open bar. Gotta do more beach jumps for sure!

Photo by Justin Pabis

The most incredible puffy adventure was at Pepperell this season, I came running in from the parking lot, looked up and got on a load as fast as I could. Stepped out the door and smiled and giggled with the wall of fun from 16k all the way to 3k. This single jump convinced me I wanted to start flying a camera sooner than later. I have yet to top the surfing from that jump, pure bliss.

Successfully pulling off my first wingsuit rodeo was a huge surprise hehe. Rodeo passenger master Crystal went along for the ride. This was a really fun jump, and look at her track at the end! She’s going to kill it in a wingsuit!

One of my friends that I’ve known for a long time since early school days coming out to do his first tandem on his bachelors party day with 2 other friends was really cool. I think he liked it just a tiny bit 😀 They were all ready to suit up and get back on the next load, I love it! Congrats on popping the question and looking forward to the wedding and celebrating next weekend!!

And some moments that stick out aren’t the best but still make a lasting impression. Watching a pretty hard mid air collision no more than 15 feet away and thinking Bill had just been knocked the f’ out made my heart skip a beat. Later we find out his arms were tucked in because his helmet was knocked off his head and he had just grabbed it and was trying to buckle it back on! Glad you only suffered a cracked helmet and mild concussion, that was one hell of a hit, and mad ninja skills landing with that helmet!

There’s been so many laughable fun times not in the sky I can’t even remember, and no it’s not because of the Patron hahaha. Hiking, song/lyric creations, machetes & beer, surfing, tiki bar parties, hot tubbing, boating, drinking, slip n’ slides…. Lurch’s homemade wearable motorcycle! … love it all, we’ve got an awesome crew! Caw Caw bitches!!

Oh, oh, oh….. we can’t forget the honorable mention for funny ass moments that goes to a certain wingsuiter attempting to gear up, getting stuck on the legstrap and going timber!!!! Thud, down like a sack of spuds hahahahahahahah

I’m on the crest of making my 400th jump, and wondering what lies ahead. I have focused primarily on wingsuiting this season, big surprise there. I didn’t get to make a balloon jump this season, that’s still on the wish list. I keep watching the ‘micro’ camera market, I’m getting closer to wanting to strap a camera on, I think next season it will happen. I’m anxious to see what the ContourHD GPS can do, something down that alley might be what I adventually end up with.

How about you? What’s been your pinnacle moment this season? What absolute crazy shenanigans did you find yourself in the middle of?

Thanks everyone for a very memorable season! (yes I know we still have plenty of jumpable days ahead of us before the snow flies)

Thanks to all the pilots who tirelessly fly load after load feeding our addiction to air.

Thanks to all the dropzones, staff, riggers, and unseen helping hands that keep things running.

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