Boogie Fever

The weather might not have cooperated completely but the Pepperell Boogie and SNE Tiki Bar Boogie were great times!

This year Pepperell brought in a Sky Van and we boogied in the memory of Steve Harrington. A lot of friends I haven’t seen in a while came together to party in the sky, it was great seeing everyone. For some pictures head over to Skwrl’s gallery and Scotty’s.

It was my first time jumping a Sky Van, yes more beer :) It was a fun plane, I named it the ugly load lol. Much loader than the casa, and manual operation of the ramp/door but still a tailgate!

And right around the corner was Skydive New England’s Tiki Bar Boogie. Hurricane Earl had other plans for us the first few days, so we took him up on the challenge and went surfing instead. Oh my gosh do I suck at surfing hahahahaha. My quote of the day “this is exhausting when you suck!” After getting tossed around by the waves I stripped the wet suit off and we just played around trying to somewhat body surf. I was caught a little off guard as to how powerful those waves and under tow get. It was a fun afternoon, and the sand sculptures done by the ladies were great lol

I was so happy to finally get to make my first jump at SNE, at Tiki no less! Good lord more beer… or in this case more petron! I earned my nickname the petron ninja at the bonfire as I came fully prepared with a petron travel kit hahaha, and thanx to the birthday guy who had another bottle and Vicente for bringing his special bottom of tequila, that stuff was yummy, gotta get me some of that! Needless to say lots of drinking, lots of music, lots of fire, and finally some fun jumps after Earl cleared out Monday afternoon.

Scotty posted an album on facebook for those who can access it, when/if it makes it to his website I’ll post another link. Here’s video of the burning of the Tiki Bar 2010 I posted on facebook, and a short clip of the fireworks display.

UPDATE: Scotty has posted his Tiki album.

I was very happy with the few jumps I got to do at SNE, finally getting into my slot level and feeling comfortable closing the distance. Got to attempt my first vertical slot over somebody. I have flow vertical slots offset from the people below me before, but not directly above. It’s much harder to fly and maintain a vertical slot than it looks. I was certain I was going to come down and take out Taya on that jump lol. I ended up taking myself out in her burble once but there was no tag football, and I got back up there. The stakes were raised once Andreea was flying behind Taya, if I came down I was potentially taking out two targets. Then getting a front row seat to watch the carnage of scary rolls was a treat, oh I was laughing all the way down hahahahahahha, great times!

Looking forward to making it back to Tiki next year and bringing calm beautiful skies next time!

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