Traveling Circus

I have to admit I’m having a lot of fun traveling to different dropzones, meeting new people, jumping new places, spreading the craziness!

Last weekend a few of us dropped in on Skydive Long Island’s casa boogie, did I mention casa? The staff was great, huge landing area, and everyone was very inviting. They had a king air, caravan, casa, helo and beach jumps! I absolutley LOVED the beach jump, definitely have to do more of those!! The view at sunset jumping out of a casa lining up along a stretch of beach with atlantic ocean as far as the eye could see, the smell of the air, the ladies on the watch tower I buzzed on final, the sand castle I decided not to land on, the sand I shook out of every nook and cranny. Yup that’s one for the memory banks.

There was an incredible pig roast Saturday night with plentiful amounts of food and free beer, ice luge, DJ and tunes all night, with some fire dancing mixed in…. even the fire extinguisher couldn’t keep them down hehe

We discovered that Erica’s freefall speed in a sit matches our belly speeds as we hooked up in a round looked over and she’s holding a sit hahahahahahah

There was a 31-way bigway doing jumps out of the casa, heads up in the landing area! The crowd really enjoyed watching them in freefall and scatter like ants at breakoff.

Oh and there’s a pretty good horse nearby too 😉

This weekend wingsuiters invaded Skydive Cross Keys, we had such a great weekend of flying. If you couldn’t make it out I’m sorry, you missed some excellent times

Really fun dropzone for sure, if it wasn’t such a long drive I’d spend more time down there. Got to do some flying in multi point formations with some vertical elements, it was great practice for me getting back into the spot I was suppose to be in hehe. I’m still a little nervous/twitchy that last few feet into my slot. Andreea had an awesome viewpoint of that dive as she flew base on her back.

The tow dive was really fun carnage. 3 sets of of 2 people docked with one towing the other into a big diamond, at least that was the plan. All 3 of us getting towed ended up in a flatspin hahahahaha I was getting lead by Andreea and ended up upside down on her rear, tumbling off and getting back to the action; Crystal (in an intro) was getting towed by Justin (in an X-bird) and got into a pretty good flat spin lol; one by one wingsuiters were balling up and falling out of the sky.

Catch Veno was fun, turn on the speed and see if they catch me… who was I kidding of course J’sho and JP were right in my rear view mirror, even got a burble pass by JP as he overshot me.

There were some great puffy hunting expeditions, thank you mother nature!

Lots and lots and lots of laughs, oh my god…. I hear they have good moonpie in NJ 😀

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